A ssssslithery situation on Hole 11

Last Friday's Fiddle proved to be another close call with Dastan Nelson scraping a win with 19 points, followed closely by Peter Bruins on 17 points and Justin Trappe on 16 points! This is Dastan's second Fiddle win in a row - so a huge congratulations must go out to him for such strong and consistent golf! Will it be a hat trick this coming Friday? We'll have to wait and see!

With the men taking all the limelight recently, we are happy to announce that 37 lady golfers from Kenya will be playing at Kiligolf this Friday! They have come down for the Arusha Ladies Open at the Gymkhana Club on Saturday and Sunday - but have decided to play a round at Kiligolf for some last minute practice before the Open. We are extremely excited to have so many women golfers at Kiligolf, and hope we will see much more of them in future!

In other news, 16 new boys and girls from our neighbouring villages are currently in training to become Kiligolf caddies! With so many new players coming to Kiligolf, and the Tanzania Open looming, we are in need of more caddies - and where better to find them, than in the villages surrounding Kiligolf, where we work hard to provide employment and support through our fantastic Community Development Programme.

A python spotted sunbathing at the 11th hole

A python spotted sunbathing at the 11th hole

Other updates include the new tee-box markers and red and yellow hazard markers that are now in place throughout the course. The course rough has also been cut back a good 10 meters, which will make finding your golf balls that much easier!

SPOTTED: A slippery, slithering friend has been spotted on the 11th hole. If you're a snake enthusiast, have a look if you can find him sunbathing in the grass!

At the bottom of the estate, the airstrip has now been graded and is due to be completed within the next two months. We hope this will allow many more golfers from Kenya and Uganda, as well as Kiligolf residents, much quicker and easier access in and out of the estate.

Coming Soon...
The June Monthly Mug is scheduled for Sunday the 26th, where Justin Trappe will be defending his May title. With tee-off at 10.00 am and an entrance fee of Tsh 30,000, we look forward to seeing you all there!